Photography is a unique tool as it is an attempt of communicating and reducing our unique existential experiences in the hope that it will produce a similar phenomenological response in another viewer. Regardless of photographic proficiency almost everyone with access to technology "takes pictures" with the intention of capturing a slice of time. Either a place, person or object that they wish to remember or share. The very process betrays our finite status and is its own protest in the face of an infinite we cannot hope to fully comprehend. What is the significance of a photographer capturing the light illuminating a landscape? The shutter can trip for 1/60th of a second. And yet the ancient terra firma may have been visited by numerous generations that have each witnessed a different state in a chain of flux that predates the existence of man. It has been argued that each person’s perception of the landscape (or any thing else) will be colored and controlled by their operating meta-narrative but to question the story does not excuse us from participation.

Photography is creation. Creation is communication. Communication is participation.